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Experienced Online Marketing Guru
with a demonstrated history of success in bringing a person, product, place/venue, event &/or thing from obscurity to the forefront of Google. Including having been published in Vogue magazine & International Business Times; and, having marketing campaigns go 'viral' due to the widespread reception of their associated press releases. 

Skilled in: Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Graphic & Web Design;
Specialized Social Media, Press Release & Catchphrase/Slogan/Logo Brand Development Campaigns ---strategically used to organically gain popularity & interest from consumers &/or targeted audience(s).

+ Over 10 yrs of successful event & nightlife entertainment booking & promotion at over 15 top Hollywood & Sunset Blvd bar/club/venues.

Logo and Graphic Design, Press & SEO Writing Samples

SKILLSET: SEO Copywriting. Reviews. Social Presence & Brand Awareness. Press Releases. Bios.

Creative Writing for the Purpose of Enhancing Online Presence, Page Rank & Website Traffic.

Focusing on Increasing the Number of Unique Visitors; While Minimizing Bounce Back Rate.