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Experienced Online Marketing Guru
with a demonstrated history of success in bringing a person, product, place/venue, event &/or thing from obscurity to the forefront of Google. Including having been published in Vogue magazine & International Business Times; and, having marketing campaigns go 'viral' due to the widespread reception of their associated press releases. 

Skilled in: Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Graphic & Web Design; Specialized Social Media, Press Release & Catchphrase/Slogan/Logo Brand Development Campaigns ---strategically used to organically gain popularity & interest from consumers &/or targeted audience(s).

+ Over 10 yrs of successful event & nightlife entertainment booking & promotion at over 15 top Hollywood & Sunset Blvd bar/club/venues.

"In today's wired world, writers are fast becoming a necessity for any business wishing to establish or strengthen their online presence.

They construct the foundation from which your site will find success --or failure in obscurity. It is the words chosen that will determine how well Reviews and Press Releases will be received; Not only by the media, but by search engines as well.


The problem is, without an in depth understanding of SEO and experience in applying that knowledge into proven strategies, most businesses fall short..."

- Founder of  Killer Marketing Concepts

SKILLSET: SEO Copywriting. Reviews. Social Presence & Brand Awareness. Press Releases. Bios.

Creative Writing for the Purpose of Enhancing Online Presence, Page Rank & Website Traffic.

Focusing on Increasing the Number of Unique Visitors; While Minimizing Bounce Back Rate.

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