"In today's wired world, writers are fast becoming a necessity for any business wishing to establish or strengthen their online presence.

They construct the foundation from which your site will find success --or failure in obscurity. It is the words chosen that will determine how well Reviews and Press Releases will be received; Not only by the media, but by search engines as well.


The problem is, without an in depth understanding of SEO and experience in applying that knowledge into proven strategies, most businesses fall short..."

- Founder of  Killer Marketing Concepts

Available SEO Services Include:

Above Average Results Can Typically Be Achieved in a 1-3 Month Time Period

Available Marketing Services:

  • Web & Graphic (including Logo & Flyer) Design

  • Press Releases 

  • Blog/Forum Posts 

  • Grassroots Marketing (canvassing, flyers, posters)

  • Face-to-face and Online Networking

  • Social Media Integration 

  • Social Media Video & Gif Ad Campaigns

  • Edit HTML, Liquid Themes and CSS coding to ensure all parts of a site are SEO friendly

  • Create optimal Meta tags, remove duplicate &/or erroneous Meta tags to ensure SEO efficiency

  • Improve Page Rank from within the first 200 search results, to the first 10 on Google, Yahoo & Bing

  • Increase website traffic -- from 0 to 100 visitors per day; to over 2,000 unique visitors per day
                                                      *depending on industry, web design, price package level, etc.